Welcome to my site. On these pages you can read about me, find links to my poetry, and read about my books. You may purchase books via the links given on the appropriate pages.

Some things about me


I grew up in the south of England before seeking my fortune in foreign lands, first in Italy, then in Spain. My home now is on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Ibiza with my beloved Take-Away-Clouds-Woman, who keeps me grounded and disabuses me of any notion that I might be in any way perfect. I make myself useful and earn my crust by providing osteopathic and natural health care to the local community. (You can read about that here if you like.) When not with patients or welded to my computer, I spend time walking the woods, cliffs and coastlines, or torturing some vague resemblance of music out of my mandolin. I love solitude, bodies of water, forests, observing the beauty and the harshness of nature, and (quixotically) pondering the imponderable mysteries of life. I have two grown up children of whom I am extremely proud.

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